"Dr. Cohen is absolutely incredible with his knowledge of Mohs. I have had quite a bit of work done and would trust no one but him. His follow-up care is very professional and personal. He goes out of his way to make sure that you are happy with the results. His work is incredible and meticulous. He is very easy to talk to and does listen to any concerns you might have. I feel very fortunate that I found his office (through my doctor's recommendation)."
~ Kathi M.
"Dr. Contreras and all his staff are caring, professional and efficient. They took the time to explain the processes and answer all my questions. I have full confidence in their diagnosis, treatment and concern for my on going health. I highly recommend this practice."
~ Randi M.
"The most important thing about work on your skin and the care of it is the trust you have between doctor, the assistants and technicians, and their care, communications and knowledge. I have found all of this provided from AboutSkin Dermatology. Dr. Cohen and all who work with him are professional, so nice, and just plain care about your skin. The best I have ever had the honor to do business with!"
~ Carole K.
"Dr. Joel Cohen is amazing. He is an extremely skilled dermatologist who has perfomed cosmetic procedures on me and other family members. He is smart and very technically astute. We look natural and he is so knowledgeable about all the available options that best fit your individual needs. I highly suggest that ALL go to Dr. Cohen for any cosmetic or dermatologic procedure. I am medically oriented and have investigated other physicians in the Denver area and no one is more professional , ethical or capable than Dr. Cohen. He beats any plastic surgeon, or any other cosmetic doctor in Denver, especially for difficult procedures like under eye fillers. He has been rated the number one dermatogist in Denver and my experience can verify that this is true!!! "
~ L.G.
"Dr. Contreras, I know I already thanked you in person but I wanted to express how much your kindness was appreciated. It is wonderful to acknowledge that nice persons still exist in this world."
~ E . H. Seena
"Dr. Cohen and his staff are a remarkable blend of highly skilled technical competency, insight, compassion, and genuine friendliness. Dr. Cohen performed a particularly difficult surgery for me. In spite of the large area involved, the final scaring was virtually unnoticeable. In spite of the arduous six hours for the procedure, Dr. Cohen and his medical assistants remained wonderfully patient, reassuring and friendly. My wife and I have been very blessed in our lives, and the wonderful people at About Skin Dermatology have added to those blessings in so many ways. Thank you Drs. Cohen and Stoler, and to the many friendly staff (such as Michael)! You change lives!"
~ Caoimhin P. C.
"I have been a patient at AboutSkin Dermatology for 11 or 12 years. Dr.Joel Cohen and Dr. Samantha Stohler are the doctors I have seen and I find that they, and the office staff nurses, and estheticians, exceed my expectations in professionalism, attention, and friendliness. I'm sure this must be one of the best dermatology offices that one could choose. With this review goes my highest recommendation of AboutSkin Dermatology."
~ Kathleen S.
"Due to my many years of sun worship I have had several corrective procedures, including some Mohs procedures. Dr. Cohen has done these and I was always happy with the results. Nevertheless I had some trepidation over an issue on the bridge of my nose as I was concerned over a visible scar on such a prominent spot. Dr. Cohen explained the process firsthand then performed the Mohs procedure. I was 100% pleased with the outcome as there is absolutely no visible scar, none! I strongly recommend Dr. Cohen and his practice. All of the employees are friendly, patient and helpful."
~ Ric Rivera
"I have only great things to say about Dr . Stephen Ho - Known him about 9 years - He is very knowledgeable - He cares for people - Seeks correct treatment and follows up My best recommendations"
~ John S.
"Dear Dr. Cohen, Just a note of thanks for the excellent care through my head surgery and the well-healed staples. Your thorough approach + request for the biopsy from California set my mind at peace. Having a caring capable surgeon through an upsetting episode made more difference than you could imagine. Sincerely,"
~ J.B
"Dear Dr. Cohen, I would like to thank you and your staff for your care and professionalism during my Mohs surgery and after care. You Guys are the Best! I look forward to talking with you about how you like the Vitalizer vitamins at my next appointment."
~ R.C.