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My husband and I just wanted to thank Dr. Pierre for calling us last night. It was so great of him. This is the time he should have been home with his family but we certainly appreciate the special care we feel he has given us and the special prayers and we remember him every night in our prayers. Thank you, Dr. Pierre
~ Anonymous
The best most informative dermatologist I have ever met. I have psoriasis after years and year of failed attempts to get it under control and various doctors Dr. Pierre got me on a regiment that had my condition totally under control within 3 weeks!!! Lani is also amazing, I get a Silkpeel every couple of weeks and my skin has never lookedbetter. Best part, this Doctor is a CHRISTIAN AND IS NOT AFRAID TO SAY IT!!!!
~ Briana. B
Dr.Pierre is such a wonderful doctor! Not only is he really personable and friendly but he is also a Stanford graduate and has a real passion for skin care and wanting us all to have beautiful skin and just feel beautiful. I particularly love having my SilkPeel there because I just love how my skin looks afterwards! Dr. Pierre's office is state of the art with all the latest techniques and products. I also really enjoy using his tinted sunblock for the face. His staff is so friendly and they always make you feel special when you are there. It just adds to the great experience I always have when I am there
~ Anonymous
Dr. Pierre, the ointment you suggested worked perfectly and the problem disappeared. thank you for diagnosing it correctly and completely the first time around. By the way, your staff is also very pleasant to deal with.
~ Hirsch G.
It is a nice place, everything is clean and new and they carry great products. When you head over for your appointment you sit for 5 minutes at most. They are very friendly at the front desk and Dr Pierre is very knowledgeable and helpful at giving you different options. As with just about any office around the area, it can be a little hard getting a hold of them when you call sometimes, but don't feel annoyed by leaving a voice mail because they get back to you right away. They are very organized and a great staff.
~ Cj. I